Uranus Pathfinder

In the baseline concept, UP is an ESA-NASA bilateral and will launch on an Atlas V 551 in January 2025 on an VEE interplanetary transfer to Uranus and will become the first spacecraft to enter into orbit around Uranus in November 2037 after a cruise phase lasting 12.8 years.

It will orbit Uranus in a highly eccentric 45-day polar science orbit, with close periapsis distances to Uranus in order to make high fidelity measurements of Uranus’ gravity and magnetic fields.

Uranus Pathfinder Orbit

The scientific payload has a strong heritage in Europe and beyond and includes: narrow angle camera, visible/near-IR imaging spectrometer, thermal IR bolometer, radio science, magnetometer, radio and plasma wave detector, and a plasma detector.

The spacecraft will use MMRTG technology to provide electrical power.


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